About Me

 Based in Boulder, CO, I am a recent graduate from the University of Colorado in Boulder with a M.S. in Creative Technologies and Design. My work revolves around Human Computer Interaction, specifically researching in the realms of embodied interaction, tangible interfaces, critical design, and games.

I have a background in fine arts as well as object-oriented computing, with my strongest suites being electronics and general fabrication, critical theory, game design, and product design.

The desire to combine these seemingly separate fields within my work is what fuels my passion for HCI—to explore the intersections between art, critical design, science, and gamified interaction. I also strive for social reflection and expressions within these explorations in hope of developing more diverse-minded values and dynamics in technologies.

All in all, my goals are to find novel designs and methods for expressive, embodied play and how it can be used as a vehicle to promoting a higher understanding of ourselves and our relationships in a technology-immersed society.

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