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36 Ways of Type
For 36 Days of Type

Role: Fabricator, Photographer, Video Editor, Social Media Manager 

Medium:  Various physical and digital fabrication (listed below)
Venue: 36 Days of Type (2022)

Date: 2022


Evelyn Vernon, Typeface Creator, Minor Fabrication Assistant


36 Days of Type is an annual design challenge hosted by Treintayseise Studio where designers, illustrators, and artists come together to share their unique design approaches to the letters and numbers of the Latin alphabet. Each year, the challenge is announced in the Spring a few weeks prior to when they are supposed to post their designs in a a daily schedule, with each day specific to a certain letter or number. For 2022, they were sponsored by Fontself, previous years have been sponsored by Adobe.

I collaborated with graphic designer, Evelyn Vernon to submit a novel take to the design challenge; using the constraints of the singular typeface “Razor” created by Evelyn, I challenged myself to fabricate each letter/number in 36 different methods of physical or digital fabrication. 
For our submission, we wanted to not only push the boundaries of designing letterforms, but to challenge and demystify what the mediums of type are and can be. I also approached this challenge as a refresher for all my previous fabrication skills and an opportunity to learn a few additional skills in fabrication as well before beginning my PhD program in the Fall of 2022. All work, including additional documentation and information, can be found on our instagrams @iamfriak and @daedulus.creative

A special thank you to BLDG 61 at the Boulder Public Library, InventHQ in Broomfield, and IdeaLAB at the Denver Public Library Sam Gary Branch for providing resources, materials, and equipment access for these fabrications.


Letter/number- Fabrication method:

A- Lasercut (Adobe Illustrator, Epilog)
B- 2D animation (Adobe Suite)
C- Acrylic paint
D- Cyanotype
E- Light sculpture (Arduino)
F- 3D print (Fusion 360)
G- Metalwork
H- CnC machine (Fusion 360, ShopBot) 
I- Shadow art (Illustrator, Epilog)
J- 3D animation (Fusion360, Unity3D)
K- Charcoal drawing^
L- Jewelry making
M- Paper folding
N- Clay Making

O- Woodwork
P- Woodburn
Q- Flipbook animation
R- Embroidery (SewArt)
S- Resin cast
T- PCB/circuit (Fritzing)
U- Mosaic glass
V- Vinyl sticker (Illustrator)
W- Projection mapping (MadMapper)
X- Linotype^
Y- Graffiti
Z- VR* (Fusion360, Unity3D)
0- Generative code* (Processing, Java)

1- Digital Illustration (Illustrator)^

2- Weaving^

3- Baking^

4- Screen print

5- Make up

6- Rendered furniture design* (Fusion360)

7- Calligraphy

8- Mycelium (bio-materials)

9- Video games* (Unity3D)

^ notates when Evelyn participated in helping me with fabrications

* Though this work is considered completed, due to technical barriers that occurred later during production, we were not able to complete some letters and numbers, as noted with an asterisk. I hope to come back and finish these pieces once these barriers are mitigated.


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