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Curriculum Vitae

I am a researcher, designer, game developer, and artist. My interests revolve around Human Computer Interaction where I express my passion for exploring the intersections between fine art, critical design, science, and gamified interaction.




Notable Research Projects


Nurturing Light: Sustaining Living Interfaces by Facilitating Post-Anthropocentric Design Through Play

Advisor: Mirela Alistar
An escape-room style installation/living computer interface where the user navigates a pitch-black puzzle environment and solely depends on dinoflagellates (bioluminescent algae) as guidance. Nurturing Light proposes an alternative design approach to better sustain living interfaces, or computing interfaces that are embedded with live orgransisms. Nurturing Light combines and utilizes post-anthropocentric and ludic design values in its design process. Software and fabrication tools used: Arduino IDE, Adobe Illustrator, Laser cutter, Woodshop


Planes: a Collaborative VR Puzzle Journey to Promote Social Unity
Advisor: Shaz Zamore

As my masters thesis project, Planes is a multi-user, networked VR experience that involves anonymous collaboration, digital paper puzzle-solving, and reflective zoom paper workshops to help intertwine digital and real-world collaboration and learning. In the game, users anonymously (as in without names, voice, or other identifiers) interact with others to quickly solve virtual origami puzzles. Motivated by a need to create a more cohesive gaming culture, this game uses non-discriminatory, anonymous participation to mitigate social exclusion caused by VR games, as well as challenge social barriers in online gaming culture with mindful interaction. Software and fabrication tools used: Unity 3D, Oculus Rift SDK, Photon, Paper prototyping

Mechamarkers: Untethered Haptic Inputs for 3D Physical Interfaces
Advisor: Ellen Yi-Luen Do
Mechamarkers is a toolkit and computer-vision based system for designers to help make and sense low-cost
physical actuator for 3D interfaces. I helped ACME lab members build inputs and 3D interfaces, construct
the computer vision system physically as well as the calcualating the homography, conduct and transcribe user
studies, and write on research findings as third author to submit for publication. Software and fabrication tools
used: Processing, Python, Adobe Illustrator, Javascript,, Laser cutter, 3D printer, Cardboard prototyping




2020, 2019,







Informal Workshops/Lectures


"Visualize Your Research!" Workshop Series | Living Matter Lab | Boulder, CO

Hosted a four-part weekly workshop series where I taught research masters and PhD students how to create figures, storyboards, flowcharts, etc. for research papers and proposals.


Guest Lecturer | University of Colorado, Boulder | Boulder, CO

Instructor: Maria Deslis | ATLAS 2300 (Process of Design)

Invited to be a guest lecturer to discuss principles of design with a focus on Gestalt Theory and unity principles.

Electronics Sewing Workshop | BTU Lab | Boulder, CO

Hosted a workshop where I taught BTU lab members and CU students how to use the lab’s communal sewing machine, sewing basics, and tips for wearable electronics and sewing.

Soldering Workshop | BTU Lab | Boulder, CO

Hosted regularly occurring workshops to teach fundamental soldering skills to beginners in electronics.

"Ins and Outs of Electronics" Workshop Series | ATLAS Institute | Boulder, CO

Hosted a three-part weekly workshop series where I taught incoming masters and PhD students the fundamentals of electronics, and object-oriented computing with Arduino (Arduino IDE and C++).

"So You Want to Make a Robot Fish?" Workshop Series | BTU Lab | Boulder, CO
Hosted a semester-long workshop series that teaches BTU Lab members and ATLAS students how to build animatronic robot fish, based on my work RoboFish. Was also useful for beginners in electronics.

Laser Cutter Prep Workshop | BTU Lab | Boulder, CO
Hosted workshop to teach proper Laser Cutter prep and technical tips on software such as Adobe Illustrator and Rhino.

Basic Electronics Workshop | BTU Lab | Boulder, CO
Hosted an intensive workshop to BTU members and ATLAS students on the fundamentals of electronics and Arduino, including Arduino IDE and C++.

Boulder POV Seminar | Boulder Public Library | Boulder, CO 
Boulder Point of View is a grassroots team of artists, entrepreneurs, and creative technologists to help better public relations with local creatives through digital tools and methods. I took part in helping team seminars over the course of the summer in a leadership position.













2017 - 2018



2016 - 2017



“How to Lead a Team at an Inter-Dimensional Space Station” | Killscreen | Los Angeles, CA | Virtual Talk

Killscreen is an arts and culture collective based in Los Angeles. I presented post-mortem of my Meow Wolf installation room, Galactic Autoquarium, as well as reflect on and speak to the lessons I learned in my leadership role, especially as a newer leader who's a queer PoC.


“Cooking with Mycelium” | Next Nature Network | Amsterdam | Article Interview
Did an interview alongside a colleague by NNN magazine where we reflected on our experience with the project, MyCo Domicilia, a DIY resource and recipe book for creating everyday domestic objects with mycelium.

"MyCo Domcilia" | 2020 Bio Design Challenge | New York City, NY | International Zoom Summit Presentation

BDC is an international competition for high school and university students to envision, create, and critique transformational applications in biotech. I was the team lead of the University of Colorado's first ever team and finalist team to compete. We presented our project MyCo Domicilia.


Boulder Experiments in Arts & Technology (B.E.A.T.) | Boulder, CO | Zoom Presentation
B.E.A.T. is a group of creative technologists, engineers, and artists that aim to foster and promote experiments in art and technology. Most recently, I presented MyCo Domicilia on behalf of my team. 

Boulder Experiments in Arts & Technology (B.E.A.T.) | Boulder, CO | Demo

Demoed my alternative controller video game, OctaOut, where players control the limbs of an octopus, with flex sensor-wired gloves, in order to escape a sushi restaurant (Unity and Arduino-based).


ATLAS Research Showcase ‘19 | Boulder, CO | Showcase
The ATLAS institute is a interdisciplinary department for radical creativity and invention, based at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Since 2018, ATLAS has been hosting their annual showcase for the research being developed in the department. My colleagues and I showcased research work, MechaMarkers, for the ACME lab, directed by Prof. Ellen Do.
Whaaat!? Festival ‘19 | Boulder, CO | Showcase
The Whaaat!? Festival is a one-day experimental games festival where students and experts alike may showcase and demo their gaming works. For their 2nd annual festival, funded by the Engineering Excellence Funds, I volunteered to demo a game for the student showcase. The demo was for Key Change, a multiplayer, competitive typing game where the keys run away from the players (Unity, computer vision, bespoke 3D printed keys, sound propulsion).

ATLAS Expo ‘19 | Boulder, CO | Expo
ATLAS also hosts an annual exposition for student and faculty projects. For my 3rd time exhibiting work, I showcased SynistHeels, wearable tech shoes that visualize sound and different frequencies through an LED grid based on the heels (Arduino and FFT-based). I also presented Cosmic Kiddos, a finals project for the course Design Studios), which is a kinetic mirror where physical objects on a black surface move away from the user to create a silhouette within the piece (Arduino, Processing, and Xbox Kinect-based). 

Boulder Experiments in Arts & Technology (B.E.A.T.) | Boulder, CO | Gallery
First time presenting at B.E.A.T. I presented my work RoboFish, an animatronic fish that swims in “water” (Arduino-based).

Cabal Gallery | Denver, CO | Gallery
Presented work for locally-owned tech and art gallery, Cabal Gallery, in the city of Denver. Professionally presented creative technology sculpture Laser Harp, a harp powered by laser diodes that play glockenspiel bells via solenoid motors when the lasers are “plucked” (Arduino-based).

ATLAS Expo ‘18 | Boulder, CO | Expo
Second appearance at the ATLAS Expo, showcased Laser Harp and Truth, an Arduino-based light sculpture.

Art of Data | Boulder, CO | Exhibition
Housed in the Canyon Gallery at the Boulder Public Library, Art of Data was a professional design, art, craft, and engineering exhibition that accepted works that incorporated data from the City of Boulder Data Catalogs. I showcased Trails, an interactive map that illustrates the hiking paths of the city of Boulder (Laser-cut wood, and engrave acrylic).

Remix Holiday Bash at the CMCI Studio | Boulder, CO | Exhibition and Performance
Event at the CMCI Studio, a design graduate program at CU Boulder for experience design, creative technology & entrepreneurship. My colleagues and I performed a trans-media performance, I played on Laser Harp.

ATLAS Expo ‘17 | Boulder, CO | Expo
First Appearance at the ATLAS Expo, Showcased kinectic, wood sculpture, The First Cosmic Kiddo (Arduino and laser-cut wood and acrylic-based).

MakerMade | Boulder, CO | Exhibition
Housed in Canyon Gallery at the Boulder Public Library, MakerMade was a professional design, art, craft, and engineering gallery showcase. I showcased The First Cosmic Kiddo.







Awards and Accolades


Chair’s Award | $2,500

" recognize the exceptional promise you hold in making strong contributions to the research being conducted in the Informatics community."


Graduate Dean’s Recruitment Fellowship | $2,500


CHA Small Grant Reward | $2,000

Advising Faculty: Mirela Alistar


BTU Lab Graduate Residency | Boulder, CO
Lab Director: Alicia Gibb

The BTU Lab is a student hackerspace, classroom, and graduate residency located at CU Boulder. Grad residents help members on their creative technologies projects, help maintain the on-location laser cutter, and host various workshops.

Dean’s List | Academic Honors | Awarded 2x
“Each semester the College of Arts and Sciences publishes the Dean’s List to recognize students who have demonstrated
academic excellence.” 



Additional Writings and Blogs

MyCo Domicilia | Main Author, Editor, Designer | Amazon Kindle
Additional Authors: Fiona Bell, Theresa Matick, Malika Rakhminova, Arva Syed, and Shenali Uragoda

 FRiaK Wearables | Blog
Blog about wearable and textile electronics prototypes at:

Laser cutting, 3D printing, CNC routing, woodworking, welding, digital embroidery, resin casting

Arduino, Raspberry Pi

Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere, AfterEffects, Invision


Eagle Fusion 360, Blender, KiCAD, EasyEDA, Rhino, Unity3D, Processing, P5

C++, C sharp, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, Python, LaTex

Critical Thinking, Self-Motivation, Teamwork/Collaboration, Leadership, Flexibility, Creativity, Communication, Empathy, Networking, Adaptability, I think I’m funny

Relevant Skills

Machine Shop   


Design Tools 

Other Software 


Soft Skills





Meaningful Play 2022 | Workshop | East Lansing, MI

“Recast & Replay: Critically Redesigning and Broadening Queer Experiences in Games Through the Lens of Less Visible Identities in the Community”

Work In Progress | (In Preparation)

2022 (current)



2018 - 2020

2013 - 2018




University of California, Irvine | Irvine, CA
Advisor: Katie Salen-Tekinbas

Affiliated Labs: Mad e with Play Lab, Connected Learning Labs, LUCI Lab

Ph.D. in Informatics 

University of Colorado, Boulder | Boulder, CO
Thesis Advisor: Shaz Zamore

Affiliated Labs: THING Lab, Living Matter Lab

M.S. in Technology, Media and Society | CTD track 

University of Colorado, Boulder | Boulder, CO
B.A. in Art & Art History

Minor in Technology, Arts, and Media

Minor in Japanese Studies

Relevant Courses

Engineering       Creative Technologies, Object, Haptic Interfaces, Calculus for Engineering

C.S. / Science   Foundations of Computer Science, Game Prototyping, Game Development, Web Development, Qualitative                               Methods, Quantitative Methods

Design / HCI    Meaning of Technology, Digital Art I, Digital Art II, Art in Society, Advanced Perspectives in Contemporary                                  Art, Critical Perspectives, Design Studios, Design Thesis, Social Analysis in Computing, Introduction to HCI

2023 (current)
















University of California, Irvine | Teaching Assistant | Irvine, CA

Instructor: Tess Tanenbaum | GDIM 49 (Mixed Realities)

Held office hours and graded assignments for the course. Helped undergraduate students understand theory on concepts about mixed reality and developing pervasive games.

University of California, Irvine | Teaching Assistant | Irvine, CA

Instructor: Kurt Squire | GDIM 129 (Games for Impact)

Held office hours and graded assignments for the course. Helped undergraduate students understand theory on concepts about game design and games for social change and education.

University of California, Irvine | Graduate Student Researcher | Irvine, CA

Advisor: Katie Salen-Tekinbas 

Code Coven with Facebook Gaming  | Mentor | Remote
I mentored game designers for the Summer Program 2021 about game design, production, team management, and UX/UI


Meow Wolf Denver | Collaborating Artist & Team Lead/Producer | Denver, CO

Meow Wolf is a nationally renowned art collective based in Santa Fe, New Mexico and have expanded to the city of Denver. As one of the local collaborating artists, I designed a permanent installation room for the Denver exhibit and built the installation with a nine-person team that I lead and managed.

University of Colorado, Boulder | Research Assistant | Boulder, CO

Advisor: Mirela Alistar

Funded by the University’s CHA small grants, I built and conducted research for the project, Nurturing Light, an escape-room style installation and living computing interface that embeds bioluminescent algae in the system. I digitally and physically fabricated the entire puzzle artifacts and interface, conducted user testing, and wrote on research findings as first author to submit for publication. 

University of Colorado, Boulder | Research Assistant | Boulder, CO
Advisor: Daniel Leithinger

This research project was initially for the development of a AR/VR scanning application for the THING Lab in collaboration with Sony Ericsson. My task was to help with development while working with Unity 3D, Oculus Rift, and SR Works’ SDK.

University of Colorado, Boulder  | Learning Assistant | Boulder, CO
Lecturer: Dan Rankin | ATLAS 2300 (TEXT)

I ran two recitations to help students with UX/UI design and typeface using various Adobe Suite software and InVision, as well as go over lecture and grade students’ homework.

Open Source Hardware Assoc. (OSHWA) | Graphic Design Consultant | Boulder, CO
For the Open Hardware Summit (2018)

I was a contracted design consultant for OSHWA and made banners and signage for their summit sponsors.

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