About Me

 Based in Boulder, CO, I am a recent graduate from the University of Colorado in Boulder with a M.S. in Creative Technologies and Design. My work revolves around Human Computer Interaction, specifically researching in the realms of embodied interaction, tangible interfaces, persuasive play, and games.

I have a background in fine arts as well as object-oriented computing, with my strongest suites being electronics and general fabrication, critical theory, game design, and product design.


What fuels my passion for HCI is to explore the intersections between art, critical design, science, and play. I also strive for social reflection and expressions within these explorations in hopes of developing more diverse-minded values and dynamics in technologies. 

This is the case for my research interests in developing alternative technologies and applications that enable better intersectional engagement and comfort within tech, academia, and game communities through analyzing, mitigating, and provocatively exposing discrimination. Intersectional discrimination, for me, means the nuanced and politically entwined issues of race, gender, ableism, and sexuality in tech, and how these issues stunt creative diversity and inclusivity in both technological advancements and in academia. 

I want to focus on using play and expression specifically, however, as a modality for these alt tech because I find a unique persuasion in the abstract concept of play. Especially when designed as a core component of interaction within a technology, play is unique in its power to engage a wide range of a community and evoke participation and experiences that elicit thinking about different perspectives and lessons. I aim to develop technologies and playful interactions that tap into that persuasion, as I believe there's a real potential for it to enable social change and better and safer intersectional engagement in tech communities.

All in all, my goals are to find novel designs and methods for expressive, embodied play and how it can be used as a vehicle to promoting a higher and more diverse understanding of each other, ourselves, and our relationships in a technology-immersed society.

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