Galactic Autoquarium (WIP)
Meowwolf Denver

Role: Collaborating Artist, Team Lead, Creative Lead, Producer, Co-Programmer, Lead Fabricator

Medium: Interactive installation room, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Teensy, various physical fabrication

Venue: Meowwolf Denver (permanent)

Date: 2019-2021


Armon Naeini, Blake Gambel, Charles Candon, Harrison Bolin, Maria Deslis, Sky Johnson, Sofia Rubio-Topete

Voice Actors:
Austin S. Willike
Myra Pearson
Sam Swain



Galactic Autoquarium is a permanent installation room for the upcoming Meowwolf Denver. Meowwolf is a nationally renown art collective and interactive exhibition based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, recently expanding to Denver, Colorado.  The installation is a mirror room of robotic fish swimming in ‘water’ within wall-mounted fish domes that are scattered all along the walls. Most walls are lined with mirrors, the ceiling is open and decorated with floating aquatic, celestial coral, a galactic infinity mirror fish pond, and starry lights. The floor is lit with light patterns reminiscent of water reflections. The two walls without mirrors consist of a painted mural of a celestial fish body projecting a rainbow onto the adjacent wall, which has mapped projection visuals on it.

This is an intergalactic residential community of robotic fish deities that have existed since the dawn of time. There are certain talkboxes beside five of these fish residences (domes) that visitors can interact with. Through interaction, the audience can engage with the robo-fishy community as they shall speak to you in riddles—riddles that will lead to the answers of a mysterious keypad in the room.