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Myco Domicilia

Role: Main Author, Editor

Advising Faculty: Mirela Alistar PhD

Medium: Publication

Venue: BioDesign Challenge 2020

Date: 2020

Additional Collaborators:

Fiona Bell, Theresa Matick, Malika Rakhminova, Arva Syed, Shenali Uragoda


MyCo Domicilia is a DIY resource book for fabricating common household, or domestic, artifacts with mycelium. Mycelium comes from the root systems of mushrooms and is becoming a rapidly popular alternative, eco-friendly material for fabricators and designers.


MyCo Domicilia was a part of the 2020 Biodesign Challenge, an international competition between schools for transformative applications in biotech. We were the University of Colorado at Boulder's very first team to compete in BDC, comprising of a diverse group of women, femme, and POC engineers and designers. I was the team lead as well as main author, book editor/designer, co-web developer, and video director/editor for the project.

We chose a book as the main format of this resource, while also providing an accompanying website and social media to maximize our reach and accessibility to the community. We want to stimulate and help grow the free, creative market and as a result, promote sustainable practices and empowerment through accessibility.

Our goal is to inspire anyone of any socio-political status, economic background, creed, and even bio experience to embrace eco-friendly changes in their lives. As such, we designed MyCo Domicilia as a simple, affordable, and easy-to-follow guide so that anyone reading can feel empowered to remake these creations. We believe that contributing to the world of DIY home projects with our user-friendly mycelium additions will expose people to sustainable modes of design and making, and facilitate excitement to participate—all while in the comfort of their homes.

Video Presentation at Summit:

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