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Shouting Match (WIP)

Roles: Game Developer Co-Lead, Researcher Co-Lead, Design Lead, Fabricator, Artist, Project Manager, Study Facilitator, Writer

Medium: Alt. Controller Video Game, Unity 3D, Arduino, Python, Procreate

Past Venues: CHI Play 2023 (Work In Progress Track; Full Paper)

Date: 2023

Collaborators: Agnes Romhanyi (Co-Lead), Nathan Lacsamana, Zoi Meaders, Danny Shafik, Donny Shafik


Shouting Match is an alternative controller two-player 2D fighting game that uses shout commands as a core game mechanic. In games research, solving for toxicity in competitive gaming spaces often focus on investigating coping strategies and tools for gamers to mitigate its harmful effects. Practices in emotion self-regulation, specifically in the context of team-based eSports, is often centered. The fighting game community, however, has yet to be explored in current regarding toxic behavior and self-regulation. Shouting Match attempts to address this through novel methods of embodied play, utilizing the expressive vocal culture of the fighting game community, and having players practice self-regulation through controlling their vocal expressions.

Promotional Video for CHI Play

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