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Shouting Match! (WIP)

Courses Instructor: Matt Bethancourt

Medium: Alt. Controller Video Game, Unity 2D, Arduino, FFT

Venue: TBD

Date: 2019


Shouting Match! is an alternative controller, 2-player fighting game, where the attack moves are inputted by the players' actual shouts. 

This game was inspired by the visceral expression of play when gamers compete and watch competitive games, especially fighting games. They shout, they cheer, they move. Shouting Match! instills that expression into the game mechanics: With the control scheme, players naturally fall into a fighting stance, physically feeling the power of their attacks through their own shouting. In addition, with the attack moves instantiate based on their shouts, and vary depending on volume, duration, and frequencies of shouts. This has the player fully embody the experience by having to move themselves in real life the same way as their character on-screen and unleash all their fighting spirit in the shout they give. Shouting Match! is special in its way of bringing in traditional elements that make fighting games exciting—like fun characters, diverse move sets, and spectacular finishing moves—while also bringing out the alternative twist of having the player use their excitement to play the game itself.

Concept Video

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