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Zine Catalog of Augmented TRans Futures (WIP)

Principal Investigator: Oliver Haimson 

Team: Kat Brewster, Aloe DeGuia, Malaya Mañacop, Denny Starks

Medium: Participatory, Speculative Design Zine Workshops

Locations: Oakland, CA, Detroit/Ann Arbor, MI, Virtual

Date: 2023


 participatory design workshops virtually and in Oakland, CA and Detroit and Ann Arbor, MI. They were meant for designing speculative AR technologies for the transgender community through the expertise and participation of local trans folk. Our method of collection and analysis involved participants exploring their design process with “zine-making” or sketching and collage. This expressive form of design paired with group-led discussion is meant not just to give us a holistic perspective of trans experiences, but to inform ourselves as researcher and designers of how we can best accommodate the nuanced desires and needs of the trans community. 

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